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SHOHEI has proven to be a typical Akita as he’s been nothing short of resilient, in overcoming his past.


He and his sister were locked in a garage in an abandoned red tagged home. For how many days or weeks they’d been there no one knows.  They were bony, gaunt and in terrible shape and had literally been wasting away.  Shohei's sister was adopted from the shelter, and we took Shohei in to rehab him and get him back to the picture of health.


Fast forward to today and Shohei is the class clown and relishes his own humor!


He’s playful, very confident in himself and seems fearless.  He’s still a youngster though at approx 1 ½ - 2 years old, so he will go through another phase of maturity and self awareness.  He knows his basic commands, such as sit, shake and down and walks fairly well on leash if he’s the lead dog.  Otherwise he has a dominant streak where he wants to be first.


Shohei is playful and has energy to burn by zooming around the yard in the morning before a long walk.  He’s affectionate and loyal to his person, and will happily lay at your feet when it’s time for a lazy afternoon nap.  He is also a happy Akita with a smile that will melt your heart. 


He can be somewhat demanding and pushy for attention if he has to share the spotlight with another dog.  So if he’s to be paired with a female, she should be of equal size and stature. 


Which brings us to Akoya, Shohei's best bud.  See more below.....





























AKOYA is Shohei’s best friend.  She’s a red and white Akita who has been fostered with Shohei and they are quite the pair.  She was found in Lake Merrit, and we think someone dumped her there and drove away.  She was covered in mud up to her elbows until a good samaritan found her and took her in, then contacted us.


They get along well, even though they are a few years apart.  Akoya is approximately 5-6 years old and is a quiet, sensitive girl with a gentle demeanor.  She doesn’t mind when he noses her out of the way to be the first to get pets, and in her ladylike fashion, she allows him to be the boss.  This results in the perfect balance between them.


We would love for them to be adopted together.  Akoya is affectionate and soft tempered.  Shohei seems to encourage her outgoing nature, as she tries to keep up with him, racing alongside him in the yard.  They are two peas in a pod and a wonderfully matched set.  She does like her down time and her favorite thing is basking in the sun on a spring day.


And if you forget when it’s time for her walk, don’t be surprised when you find Akoya trotting to the door carrying her leash in her mouth!


She can be treat motivated if you have the special goodies, and she’ll bark and wooo at you if you’re not speedy in doling out the treats!


These two can be adopted separately, but who wouldn’t love to add this fun loving pair to your family?!


They would be best in a home without cats and small dogs.


If you’re interested in adopting Shohei and/or Akoya, please complete our adoption application found on our website:




If you have any questions, please email us at: info@namasteakitarescue.com


























Rikki is an XL Akita with a larger than life personality! He loves belly rubs and lots of play time! His personality is boisterous, playful and energetic, sprinkled with affection and love.

Rikki will need structure in his home, paired with ample exercise, play time, long walks and a dedicated training routine.

He will require someone who is strong and active and can guide him with leadership and consistency. An Akita savvy home is a prerequisite to adopt Rikki.

Rikki knows some basic commands, but pulls hard on leash. We are working on his leash manners. He was quite shy and unsure of his surroundings when he arrived. He has made great progress during our weekly pack walks and outings to local outdoor malls and shopping areas.

His new guardian will need to continue acclimating him and socializing him to new situations and people, as he continues to learn about the world around him. So far he is proving he is ready, willing and able to achieve greater success!

Rikki does not appreciate cats or small dogs, and should be the only dog in the household. We estimate his age to be between 3-5 years old.

Please note, an approved adoption application is required, before a meeting can be arranged between a prospective adopter and our dogs.

If you're interested in Rikki you can find our application on the link below in addition to details about our adoption process.


If you have any questions, please email us at: info@namasteakitarescue.com






PLEASE NOTE: The dogs posted below are Courtesy Listings. These dogs are not in the Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance organization .  The information regarding these pets has been provided by the owner, shelter or another rescue organization.  Please contact them directly.  Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance has not met or evaluated dogs that are courtesy listed on our site, nor is the information provided to us verified for accuracy or legitimacy.  Any animal adopted from these Courtesy Listings is the sole responsibility of the adopter, and we urge anyone interested in adopting to verify the information listed.  By using this service the adopter releases Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance from any and all liability that may arise out of an adoption of the animal listed on this site.

































Merly is a courtesy listing located in San Jose, CA. He is not with our rescue organization, however we are helping his owner find an appropriate home.

URGENT!! MERLY is in urgent need of a home due to his owner having a medical condition that will make it increasingly difficult to care for him, and is having to move.

He is a gorgeous one year and seven months old, and is an active adolescent going through his teens. If you are an experienced Akita owner, you know this maturation phase for Akitas can be challenging! Merly will need a breed savvy guardian who can commit to implementing boundaries and providing him with training, and ongoing socialization. Merly has basic obedience training, but will need a confident owner who will enjoy helping Merly mature into a well rounded adult Akita.

Merly is also quite a social boy and this characteristic should continue to be nurtured and encouraged. Merly is not good with cats, and would be ideal as the only dog in the home.

If you are interested in Merly or have any questions please email us at: info@namasteakitarescue.com















Kimiko is a 3 year old female Akita weighing 75 lbs. She is spayed and current on her vaccinations.

She is being rehomed as she does not get along with the other female dog in the home.  This is common with Akitas so she will not be placed in a home with resident female dogs.


The ideal home would be with a male dog as she enjoys other male dogs or people to play with.  Someone in the household who has experience with Akita’s and is the Alpha of the pack. She likes to be around the family. A home where she gets the love and attention she deserves. She is both an indoor and outdoor dog, outside during the day and indoors in the evening.


Kimiko would not suitable in a home with cats or other small animals.


Kimiko’s owner is seeking a home only with individuals who have experience with the Akita breed, as Akitas are not the dog for novice or first time dog owners.


The re-homing fee is $150 to ensure her guardian is able to adequately care for and provide for her.


Kimiko is located in Northern California, in the Granite Bay area.


If you are interested in finding out more about Kimiko, please email: